We are very excited to announce that this year’s Music & Sky will be bigger than ever!  Taking place on the weekend of the Summer Solstice at the beautiful Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA. This is our all ages family campout. However, this year we are doing something completely different!

We have listened to the community and are taking action to deliver what so many have asked for! Music & Sky has always been about the Experience of the Moment and the Connections we make with each other as well as the Acts of Service that we perform while at the event.

In 2022 at our event at Cielos, Eileen McKusick commented to us that we had created “the village she wanted to live in every day“. Well, this year we feel that the community is ready to create that village together. It’s time to step up and create the reality that we all have been talking about since 2020!

This means more community-driven programming from us, lots of space for creative connection, building, play and expression, an open stage with daily signups for anyone that wishes to be heard + daily volunteer shifts for attendees to serve the community.

Of course, we will deliver our signature production and make sure the venue is beautifully lit and animated with our usual amazing musical acts and keynote speakers but the overall atmosphere will be one of community creation… and we have found the perfect venue to make this all happen! Join us for The Great Outdoors!

Featured Collaborators

When We Come Together, Magic Happens

Celebrate love, freedom & truth with us under the Northern California sky as we take over the beautiful, historic Black Oak Ranch.  With tons of large, shady camping spaces and pristine 10 Mile Creek flowing through the entire site, we’ve found the perfect venue for our Great Outdoors experience

Bring your creative vision and sign up for a slot on the main stage or just kick back and enjoy the sites and sounds of the community village we co-create together.  We’ve designed this to be a truly open-source event where everyone can collaborate how they see fit

From floating down 10 Mile Creek to playing games in the Luminary Village, there is something for the entire family.   We have also situated family camp on the opposite side of the venue from the Music stage so our loved ones can sleep in quiet when needed.

Experience surprises around every corner as we curate a unique experience blending our signature festival production with community collaboration.   Featuring the Music Stage and the Sky Stage areas we will have all the usual festivities including world-class speakers, healers & musicians …

Our community kitchen will serve food from professional chefs in the community along with gourmet pizzas, BBQ pit and more delicious food from food trucks & other vendors.

And even though we are in the great outdoors, we still include with your ticket hot showers, filtered water, nightly bonfires, ice baths and many of the amenities you’ve come to expect at Music & Sky.

Join us as we co-create the beautiful sovereign village we all know in our hearts is possible

Parents! Learn more about our Luminary Village here!


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As we open up the next chapter of community growth with this event, we are aware that self-organization is pivotal for success.  With this in mind, we have opened up our community site to all collaborators purchasing a ticket.  You will have access to join groups, connect and message other members in the community as well as create discussions around any topic of importance to you.  This is how we are organizing the volunteers as well so please make sure to jump in after purchasing your ticket!