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We are proud to partner with these conscious brands and companies. Thanks to their contribution, Music and Sky can continually reach new levels of excellence.

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The Alfa Vedic vision embodies the eclectic experience of its founders. Bioterrain medicine, permaculture farming, athletics & alchemical laboratory science influence all that they do. Unsatisfied with the questionable quality-control of herbal imports they knew they could do better and so Alfa Vedic Gardens was born in a pristine ecology enhanced by Permaculture Design, adherence to Biodynamic practices & Ionization soil science to assure the uncompromising standards of their products.

They plant, grow and harvest in accordance with the planetary cycles considered within the old-world alchemical tradition. Most important, they can vouch for every phase of their operation personally to guarantee the ‘beyond organic’ quality their patrons enjoy.

Harvested naturally from the earth, Forest of the Ferns Botanicals are handcrafted to regenerate the soul, balance the body, and elevate the mind. Transformed by the energetics of the sun or moon, flower essences serve as a natural remedy aiding the body in regaining its natural intelligence. Using mindful harvesting techniques, each wildflower is plucked either at dawn or dusk to tap into the healing properties of the natural environment. Then, it is harvested, soaked in spring water, and activated by the sun or moon’s energetics for an extended period of time. Once strained and preserved into an elixir, mist, or serum, the flower essences are ready to support your mind, body and soul.

Rainge water springs up less than 45 miles from Mt. Diablo, where the land is too mountainous for agriculture or industry. Meaning it’s protected from pollutants and contaminants common in many public and bottled sources of drinking water.

They are a veteran owned, family business focused moving pristine quality water and services to our community. Rainge will be piping in their pure mineral water into the water systems for this year’s Music and Sky!

Quantum Energy Healing – A New Era for Health with Leela Q.

Balance your energy, boost performance and shield yourself from EMF nasties. LeelaQ Tech is leading the way in natural health innovation, combining science and quantum energy healing into an elegant and simple-to-use collection of products optimized for everyday use.

The EMF Rocks Grounding Bags are the most incredible, organic solution for grounding from EMF exposure. These hand-mined crystals have been Wave Form Tested, pH tested, blood tested, mold tested, muscle tested, doctor tested and more to prove their undeniable benefits. There is not one other product on the market with Colloid crystals that carry moisture content and magnetic properties that significantly repel EMF, ground, recharge you, and facilitate healing. They have metered countless homes, found all the invisible stressors, and developed these solutions for you. 

Founded by Alec Zeck, The Way Forward is a grassroots movement. They are focused on dissolving illusions and systematic conditioning while realigning mankind towards a path of health, freedom, and awareness.

Their mission is to educate, empower, and unite mankind on The Way Forward.

Here For The Truth is a podcast and educational platform dedicated to truth seekers world-wide.

Their intention is to provide you with resources dedicated to exploring the truth on topics such as self-knowledge, health, freedom, consciousness, esotericism, divination, natural law and much more. They are a platform dedicated to exalting the very best of the human spirit.

QORTAL is a completely unique blockchain-based infrastructure platform capable of rebuilding the internet entirely, as well as establishing the framework for a worldwide economic system based on individual input for gaining influence on the network.

QORTAL completely removes the ability to gain any influence by monetary means. Rather than financial input or computer power, QORTAL uses time as the value metric for importance as a node on the network. No longer can a user begin with a large amount of money and have an advantage. This creates a truly fair and honest ecosystem for a truly decentralized digital future.