Nestled in the heart of Music & Sky, the Luminary Village is a place for self-directed learning and discovery for children of all ages.

This includes a designated area for developing & expressing the Imagination with elements of art, building & play…

There is lots of room for free play and physical games as well!  There will be an assortment of both structured and unstructured games available to play throughout the event…

The Luminary Village is based on consent, where personal boundaries are set for each child by each child and their parents to create the most open environment for learning and play.

Safety is always top priority.  During the opening ceremony specific safety rules will be explained and are expected to be followed by children and parents alike.

Decompression is often an overlooked element for children.  The village will have an area specifically geared towards this for quiet reading time and relaxation.

Engagement with the entire community is an important element for the Luminary Village.  There will be an opening and closing ceremony that all are invited to attend!

As we close out the weekend, the village will show off what it has learned on the Main Music stage on Sunday!  You do not want to miss this!

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For those parents already attending who have further questions about the event, we recommend either referencing our FAQ here or better yet, jumping into the Luminary Village group here.   There you can meet our director Oxana and get more involved.  All attendees get instant access to our online community.  If for some reason you didn’t get access please [email protected] and someone will help you out!