When does the event start and end?

Gates open Friday Aug. 18th at 2pm.  Final egress is Monday Aug 21st at 2PM.

Are children allowed at this event?

The Gathering 2023 is a 18+ event. Our following event will be family-friendly again.

Where is the schedule?

See the official schedule here!

Where is the event located?

Music and Sky The Gathering will be held at Cielos in Cuyama Valley, CA.  Use code “collective” to see location.

What is Cielos?

Cielos is an all inclusive outdoor, off the grid venue. You can find out more about Cielos here. Keep an eye out as you reach the destination for our 9 foot tall Music&Sky vertical flag located at the main entrance to Cielos on the 33:

How do I get there?

Please note!  Highway 33 coming out of Ojai is closed due to slides from the winter!  Please plan accordingly.  Follow all roads to highway 33 in Ventucopa, CA. Map Link to event location HERE We’ll follow up with more specific directions on where to exit, closer to the event.  Use code “collective” to see location.

What to expect upon arrival?

As you approach the venue you will be greeted at the check in gate. Feel free to stay in your car as we will come to you! Once you are checked in, you will be guided on where to go.

This is my first event like this - how do I prepare?

We’ve got you covered! Our events are different from any other gathering or festival, we provide you with life’s necessities – incredible farm to table food everyday and clean drinking water all weekend long. Additional accommodations can be purchased if you do not wish to camp. All you really need to prepare for is the weather, and a good time!

Can I bring a tent and set up camp?

Yes, camping is included in the ticket price.

Can I cook at my camping site?

Yes, small camp stoves and charcoal grills are allowed.  Please clean up after yourself!  Ample trash bins are available on the premises.

What about ice?

Ice for your drinks is included with your ticket, however ice for your cooler and other needs is not.  Just 1.9 miles away at the Santa Barbara Pistachio Company you can purchase ice. Open 8 am – 6 pm daily. 

What should I bring?

-Vessel for water / drinks (not glass)
-Towel and Toiletries for showers
-Towel and Bathing Suit for pool
-Camping Equipment – tent, sleeping bag, floor mat, and lamp; if you are camping.
-Headlamp and / or flashlight
-Cool clothes – shorts and t-shirts
-Proper clothes/sun block for peak sun if you are sensitive
-Warm clothes – jackets & pants,  for cool nights.
– Yoga mat (if partaking in morning yoga)
– 80’s outfit (if partaking in 80s night)
– Cash is always good as some vendors won’t take credit cards

What does my ticket include?

-Ice (drinks only)
-Tea & Coffee

What kind of food is included with my ticket?

We take great pride in the food served at Music and Sky that is included with your ticket purchase.  It is one of the elements that makes this event so special as we all sit down to eat together.  We are sourcing our protein this year from Harvest Gathering Farm which is a local organic/holistic farm.  You can see the entire menu here!

What kind of drinking water is included with my ticket?

We also take the quality of our drinking water very seriously.  This is why we partnered with Rainge Spring Water to pipe in only the best quality magnesium spring water into all of our drinking stations!

What will the weather be like?

We are anticipating warm to hot days and cool’ish nights.  This is peak summer so please bring covering if you are sensitive to the heat.  The location has a lot of shade and cooling misters for peak of the day.

Is the pool heated?

Yes it is!

Are Pets allowed?

Due to rattlesnakes around the venue, pets are not allowed.   If you have a service animal Cielos requires a full ticket purchase for the animal, no exceptions.  

Will there be loud music at night?

No amplified music after 12:00am at the venue.

Is there cell reception and wifi?

Cell phone reception is limited in some areas of the camp, however, it is possible to make a call on most networks.  There is also mesh network wifi available for emergencies.

Have more questions?

For additional FAQs please cielos.co/faqs

Use password ‘collective’ to access their FAQ

You can also contact us at love@musicandsky.com

Last but not least! Here is our general guidelines for a harmonious Music & Sky experience <3