Exodus – Thanksgiving

Exodus Thanksgiving

This is a time of year to get out and celebrate, so Music and Sky is throwing its first satellite event called Exodus, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

We have so much to be thankful for, and freedom is at the top of our list. In Thanksgiving we celebrate our relationships with each other and the earth; and we thank those that pathed the way for us to live in freedom. We would like to invite you to join us in this Exodus celebration of Thanksgiving, on Saturday Nov 28th at 1:00pm on Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles.


As part of this celebration we will have 2 speakers. At 2:00 Nathanial-Harlan Graham, aka Hangthebanksters, will edify us on how to remain Sovereign and Free under our Common Law. At 3:00 Dr Melissa Sell and Steven Ravnstag will talk to us about how to use the holidays as an opportunity to improve relationships in our lives and raise the vibe.


Once our speakers are finished, Latch Key Kid will preform with his band, playing his so-cal folk funk rock vibe, with covers, originals, and epic jams. Then The Lucky Ones will play after, with their laid back beach dub rock. Once the bands wrap up, we’ll have Djs from the Music and Sky crew mix until we decide to go home. We figure its been awhile since anyone has gone out to enjoy some live music, and we hope you will join us for this special treat.

Location Details:

Enter Dockweiler beach at Imperial Hwy and Vista del Mar. Parking is $9. Drive to the North and park in the 3rd parking lot. Walk to the south where the palm trees are. We will be set up on the beach in front of the 2 palm trees, that are in front of the bathrooms, between the second and third parking lot. See map below for reference: