Music and Sky is decentralizing!  Join our private online community to engage with local community members creating Music and Sky events in your neck of the woods while engaging in our global online community.

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    By joining the Music and Sky private online community you can expand the experience past our in-person events!  Take part in online discussions in our community forums, join local groups for in-person meetups in your area and follow/connect with other like-minded M&S community members.   There is also exclusive content only available to our online community members including recordings of event talks, workshops and performances + full access to the original Re:Union Summit from the very first M&S event in 2020. We believe in the value for value model as a way to do commerce that is fair and abundant for all so please set the appropriate monthly or annual cost you would like to cover for access to the community.  You can always edit it down the line.

Building Community


The Music and Sky community is expanding into a decentralized organization focused on extending both the physical and digital events world-wide.  We are very excited to see our vision reach all parts of the world as we celebrate sovereignty and freedom through the expression of art and creativity.

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