Polla Pratt – Roadmap For Trailblazing The Transition

If you are attending Music and Sky this Summer we ask that you grab a tasty drink, get comfortable and watch this entire video.  This is an important strategy for how our community will respectfully engage with each other moving forward; helping each one of us to develop our own innate leadership qualities while engaging our unique super powers for the benefit of all.  

Polla Pratt is a pioneer in the field of Somatics and systems engineering.  She is a tireless advocate for the natural rights of all human beings and believes in the power of distributed, decentralized systems where leadership comes from the bottom-up vs the traditional top-down institutions.  Polla, along with Sophie Fletcher PhD are collaborating to help the Music and Sky community use these tools for transparent, healthy interactions and powerful growth opportunities.  This is super cutting-edge stuff and we couldn’t be happier to have these amazing women so involved with Music and Sky.

In this 2-part presentation, Polla walks us through Somatics and how we can use these different body-mind experiences to first know ourselves and our triggers so we can then support each other in the community.  She, along with Mike Winner and Yerasimos Stilianessis take the audience through their trigger tracking and then the community questions for our larger triggers as a community.  This is powerful stuff!  We hope you enjoy it.


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