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The Future of Freedom Defeating Psychological Warfare Freedom Communities: The Hope of Humanity

Saturday July 3rd 6:00pm

Friday July 2rd 1:30pm

Friday July 2rd 4:30pm

Protecting your Health and Body Sovereignty: The Spike Protein Protocol; Guerrilla Meme RawFare and the Meme War; Having the Best Ever during the Apocalypse

Lena will share her game plan and notices of liability on how to protect oneself and how to counter the greatest psyop ever to be brought against mankind.
She will also be presenting her two central Notices of Liability, one against the 5G Internet of Things and the second one against the so-called COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines passports.
This talk will illustrate principles of successful and unsuccessful freedom communities. Also, we’ll discuss the first-hand experience of the Santa Cruz Voluntaryist freedom community and how they helped reopen the beaches in 2020 using peaceful civil disobedience. A few subtopics to be covered are: intentional communities, peace protection services, and conflict resolution strategies.
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