Quotes, Notes, & Jokes

Here’s a Collection of Quotes, Notes, and Jokes from our 2021 Collaborator List

Let’s rock n roll!

What is half-man, half-beast, and spends it’s time trying to force humans to wear masks? The Centaur for Disease Control

We are incredibly excited about this festival and looking forward to contributing as musical performers. Thank you for creating this much needed event !!!
All Love!

REALLY looking forward to this! I found you via the most recent Alfa Vedic podcast and love what you’re doing. It would be an honor to be a part!

You can only chase what is running from you. ????

We are so grateful for your creative ambitions, & your ability to gather the tribe! <3 Today Is the Best Day Ever! We are the ones to help build a voluntary world! Thank you, I love u Love live simply pray heal and exist in beauty Intuition doesn’t come from your heart; it comes from your breath. Bless up and give thanks Waves of Gratitude Entrapment is society’s sole activity, and only laughter can blow it to rags. Let’s get whimsical! Don’t ever stop being yourself, unless you suck, then work that out and get back at it. Awareness is the name of the game. Love is how we master the game. To be highly aware and full of love is my commitment and I wish to share my light with others in anyway I can! Looking forward to connecting with some kindred souls. <3 Love more, walk lightly, let go gracefully. Space X + Space Force = Space X Force What if soy milk was just regular milk that introduces itself in spanish? Epic humans all around LET’S DANCE YA’LL Love that you’re creating this! Thank you!!

“Unless we learn to relinquish our presumption that we can ensure the significance of our lives, we are not capable of the peace of God’s kingdom.” -Stanley Hauerwas