General Info

All Event Details have been emailed to all ticket purchasers and participants. Please search your email from [email protected]. And don’t forget to CHECK YOUR SPAM, PROMOTIONS, etc FOLDERS! 

If you can not find an email with the information, please contact [email protected]

Gate Hours

All are welcome to arrive on Thursday July 1st. 
Thursday: 12:00pm – 12:00am
Friday: 10:00am – 12:00am
Saturday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm 

Exodus: Out by Monday 2:00pm

What to Expect 


7# bags of ice will be available for sale for $5

Food Vendors

-Our Main food vendor will be providing Farm to Table Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Omnivores. Menu can be found here.

Sunshine Pescadero – Artisan foods and provisions

Pings Raw Foods – Raw Desserts, Snacks, and Ice Cream

Retail Vendors

-Event Merch Booth 

-Music and Sky Gallery Art

-Chaga Inc – David Wolfe Boutique


-Old World Expedition Gear

-Three Sisters Healing Arts 

-Reprezent Clothing

-And Many More… 


-Cost $5 

-Open from 8:00am – 12:00pm & 4:00pm – 8pm

-Due to our current drought situation, we ask that you be mindful in their use. It takes 25 gallons of water for a 10 minute shower, so be aware… save some to share.

Money, ATM, Credit Cards

-Credit Cards can only be used at Food Vendors and the Event Merch Booth

-You can purchase $5 vendor tickets from the Event Merch booth with credit cards.

-There is NO ATM on site

-Cash accepted by all vendors

Cell Phones

-There is little to no cell phone service on site

-WiFi is not available (emergencies only)

-Please keep your phone in airplane mode while you are at the event. Feel free to use it for pictures, videos, taking notes, and making contacts. 

Pet Policy

-Well behaved domestic pets are ok

-We ask you keep them on a leash while in the event area

Amplified Sound

Amplified sound will be off at 12:00am. Main stage sound my run a little longer based on schedule fluctuations. DJ stage sound is cut off at 12:00. We will have headphones available for late night performances and DJs. 

Amplified sound camp sites must be turned off at 12AM. We have a strict sound ordinance. Please respect your neighbors and turn off any amplified music after midnight, thanks!

Headphone Experience / Silent Disco

Headphones will be available for Free from the World of Sound Tent before 12:00am every night for the late night performers on the Main Stage and the Tree Stage (Dj Stage).

Return headphones to the World of Sound Tent before returning to camp. We need to collect all headphones every night to recharge. 


Are allowed only if they are unobtrusive to other guests. This means no loose wires or lines running across paths or placement anywhere that could endanger someone. We want everyone to have the most comfortable experience possible and know that a generator can play a big role in that but if  it is a disturbance to others you’ll be asked to turn it off.

Off the Grid

PLEASE BE ADVISED  This is a completely off grid camping experience which means no power except for generators and very minimum to no cell service.  Please plan accordingly.  We will all help each other out where needed.  Many working and attending the event are very experienced at dry camping and have lots of knowledge about thriving in this environment.  Please don’t hesitate to ask here for any help on preparing for your camping experience! 



Camping Equipment

-Tent (if not sleeping in a vehicle. Car camping is first-come, first serve; unless pass was purchased)
-Sleeping bag
-Sleeping mat
-Battery powered flashlights / lighting for evening (headlamp recommended!)
-Cooler / Food storage ($5 7# bags of ice are for from the main food vendor)
-WATER! There is one well drinking water pump on site to access. We recommend everyone bring extra drinking water as well!!
-Water storage container
-Drinking vessel (We will have Music and Sky water bottles for sale as well)
-Eating Utensils (we are trying to stay away from plastics of any kind; please bring when you get meals from food vendors)
-Trash bags for your camp (pack in and pack out!). This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event!
-Fire, Cooking, etc (small propane cooking grills OK)
-Hat / Visor or preferred personal shade
-Warmer clothes for evening
-Bathing Suit
-Towel / Blankets for sitting on lawn
-Hammock – there are lots of trees to take advantage of
-Shoes for hiking / exploring
-Yoga mat
-Organic bug spray / lotion / elixirs (Sunshine Pescadero will be selling some on site)
-Cameras OK
-Shade for camp site (most camping is in the trees, so bring something you can tie to a tree. However if you are arriving later in the weekend, you may be camping in a more exposed area.)
-Smiles and Hugs