• Reunion.World - Masculine Activation

    Reunion.World - Masculine Activation
    Inspired by our Source and the revelation of need, Consciousness is rising. Men are hearing the call of our sacred hearts, and are seeking to go deeper. In honor, truth, love, sovereignty and service to Life, and a healthy relationship with the Feminine... this call is resounding at a most auspicious time in our beloved Earth's history. On the Lions Gate Portal of 8/8, our...
  • Labor of Love

    Labor of Love
    Yes, this is last minute, but if you are free, we are extending a personal invitation to all the Music & Sky attendees to join us for "LABOR of LOVE" ...a Galactic Collaborators Campout. It is our intention to continue the conversations and galactivations with our wonderful like-minded community and really answer that question, “Now what?” As many of us realized from attending Music...
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