Music and Sky is supported by quite an eclectic crew of grounded and well rounded Alchemists. We are very happy to call them part of our growing family.  

Nomad Apothecary

On a mission to bring wellness to as many people as we can – providing quality products that support the evolution of the body. 

Mike Winner

Conference Producer

Mike Winner is the grounded paternal spirit of Music & Sky. Having 2 kids of his own, he is acutely aware of the importance of passing on knowledge and wisdom. His involvement with Alfa Vedic led him to build a community of free thinkers who share knowledge and information at the forefront of nutrition, wellness, technology, and sovereignty. He hosts the Alfa Vedic podcast which features experts discussing these imperative topics. All this experience has coalesced into producing the Speakers & Workshop series for the Music and Sky event and the Re: Union online summit. Be sure to check out Alfa Vedic, and electrify your life.

Eoin Colgan

Creative Director

Eoin Colgan is our resident Irishman, bringing the gaelic charm that maintains our positive vibes. He has worked in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years as a conceptual artist for the film and gaming industry. Eoin’s artistic abilities transcend all mediums and provides Music & Sky with the artist’s touch. His eye is responsible for the overall visual aesthetic and artist’s curation. To visit Eoin’s world, go to EmeraldEon.com

Corey Smith

Chief of Production

Corey Smith, aka Mr Conceive, transmutes imagination into reality. Hailing from the Hollywood set and costume design world, he has 20+ years experience of visual crafting. Corey’s ability to work with all mediums, be it Burning Man art cars or elaborate dj booths, he is dedicated to the craft of making everything cooler. His partnership with Music & Sky is what elevates this event to a professional level. Discover more about Corey’s work at StoneDesign.LA