Reply To: Personal Independance

  • David Andrade

    March 20, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    Hey Stacy,

    I’m not exactly sure what your goals are here. There are many things we can do to establish more independence from the “Powers That Shouldn’t Be.”

    However, as a general principle, anytime you are compelled or coerced into applying for official identification such as a passport or drivers license, you should always sign these documents “U.D. and without prejudice” The “U.D. is an abbreviation for “under duress.” “Without prejudice” is a well-establish legal term that means that you are not forfeiting any of your rights by signing the document.

    By signing these legal documents accordingly, you are effectively not contracting with the State and you maintain all of your natural rights that are protected under the Constitution.

    This is a very effective and easy method to maintain your own personal sovereignty and stay out of the jurisdiction of the “Authorities.”

    I hope this was helpful. Call me if you have more questions.