Reunion.World - Masculine Activation

Inspired by our Source and the revelation of need, Consciousness is rising. Men are hearing the call of our sacred hearts, and are seeking to go deeper. In honor, truth, love, sovereignty and service to Life, and a healthy relationship with the Feminine... this call is resounding at a most auspicious time in our beloved Earth's history.

On the Lions Gate Portal of 8/8, our multi-dimensional support will be unparalleled. The Livestream with bring together 12 luminaries on a pathway to embody and mentor the sacred Masculine. 

The Livestream will be a 75-minute transformational process, in which we will explore what it means to show up powerfully and embody both responsibility and love, so we can individually and collectively create the reality of what we want to experience on Earth. We will also have breathwork, guided meditation, and a Declaration in service to mankind.

This will help you tap into your own next level, and intentionally create our NEW REALITY in synch with thousands of men AND women

This Livestream will serve all those who hear the call to further their awakening journey, or who want to deepen their connection with an empowered Masculine essence. Come catch this wave with us!

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